New York based imaging specialist providing demanding clients with expert, color-corrected, color-separated photo images guaranteed to print or reproduce accurately in the specified medium.
Photographic film formats include 4x5in view, 6x7cm medium-format and 35mm. Scanning capabilities included drum scanners, film scanners and flat-bed scanners. Color correction and separation performed in Trident professional scanning software and Adobe Photoshop.
High-speed internet access allow customers to quickly download large image files.
  CLASSIC LOWER MANHATTAN SKYLINE To meet the huge demand for prints of this photo, I have produced high-quality photo lithographs that are available online and at several retail outlets.
April, 1991 Rochester, NY was visited by a beautiful but devastating ice storm. Magazine cover created totally in camera using traditional multiple exposure and masking techniques. Multiple props and sophisticated lighting made this shot possible. This image was created by combining two separate but related color slides in Adobe Photoshop. I challenged myself to get a unique yet classical shot of la Tour Eiffel.