Drum scanning, film scanning and flat-bed scanning.

Drum Scanning - Howtek HiResolve 8000: 8000dpi 16-bit color depth.
---For the very best scanns available, from low grain film or reflective art in excellent condition. Drum scanners feature analog Photo Multiplier Tubes in addition to the highest resolution. Drum scanners are very expensive and the process is very labor intensive. This makes drum scans the most expensive types of scans.

Film Scanning - Nikon LS 800: 4000dpi 14-bit color depth.
---High-quality scans from 35mm or 120/220 chromes and negatives.

Agfa T-2500 Film and Flatbed scanner: 2500dpi 14-bit color depth.
---High-quality flat bed scans from reflective art and and film transparancies up to 4x5 inches.